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Top Rated Business by HomeAdvisor HomeAdvisor Elite Customer Service - ACT Installs
HomeAdvisor Elite Customer Service - ACT Installs

When we finish a job, we do so with the intent that if someone after us comes in, they will say, "WOW, these guys did it right !"

Jobs done right has been our motto since the start. When an ACT job is done, we leave the house clean with wires neatly concealed and managed. When you open that cabinet, or entertainment stand we want it to look as good as your TV floating on the wall. No more wire mess!

Jobs Done Right


7127 Hollister Ave#11 GoletA, California

You see it on our shirts, our business cards, and in our quality of work.

We can do anything that relates to home theater and television systems, but that is not all we do.  Have us fix your computer, wifi, build you a security system, or turn your home into the smart home of your  dreams.

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your next project.Our team will not leave until you are satisfied. After every install we finish with a tutorial, because what good is your new system if you can't use it. We are A/V  geniuses  and when we are done, you will be too.​